I Love Cupcakes

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1. Business Concept

The business idea is about opening a cake shop especially in selling cupcakes. This cupcake store offers a lot of design of cupcake’s topping with many kind of cake’s flavor. The flavors are cheese, chocolate, coffee mocha, pandan and tiramisu as our favorite flavor. A shape of cupcakes is a small cake that placed in colorful paper cup and having unique topping or decorations on the top. In designing of cupcakes, we are accepting special request from customer. We are providing a special kitchen for the customer who wants to baked and decorate their cupcakes by them selves.

This cupcakes store also provides you a place to dine in with maximal capacity for 10 persons. We want to make customer feel comfort and relax, so we only provide that small capacity to dine in. In order to support the service of dine in, we also have beverages menu likes coffee, milk and tea to accompany you enjoying those sweet cupcakes. We also have a package of for customer who wants to buy cupcakes in many pieces for the special occasions.

This store will be named with “I LOVE CUPCAKES” and “The sweet cake is in your cup” as a tagline. The name and tagline of this store will makes people know about what product that we are offer and explain to them that cupcakes will become a new form of cakes that they love or like to consume.

2. The Market

1. Demand of the market

Lifestyle of metropolitan people to having a cake for they special occasions makes kind of the cake develop. Nowadays, much people use cakes not only for celebrating an event but also as a gift for the guess and to express the feeling of them by it cake design. Not only for celebrating their personal event, people also use cakes in celebrating New year, Valentine, Christmas, Lebaran, Mother’s day, etc. In order to fulfill their needs of cakes, we will provide them with new choices of cakes, cupcakes.

2. Location and Segmentation

This store will be located at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. La Piazza is one of the mall in Kelapa Gading that have more than seventy (70) tenants, consist of café, restaurant, bar & lounge, karaoke, fitness centre and cinema. Most of the tenants in La Piazza are open in food culinary. La Piazza also located near from Mall Kelapa Gading 1-5 which have a lot of visitors per day.

The segmentations for this business are:

- Gender : Female, because cupcakes can shown their feminist side in expressing something.

- Age : 20-30 years old

- Occupation : College, employee.

- Class : B – A

- Geographic : people who live around North Jakarta.

3. Competitor

As a cupcakes store, I LOVE CUPCAKES also have a competitor that selling the product with the same type of it.

|  |Competitor 1 |I LOVE CUPCAKES |Competitor 2 | |Price |Start from Rp 10.000,00 |Start from Rp 10.000,00 |Start from Rp 12.000,00 | |Location |Well placed |Well placed |Well placed | |Facilities |Fair |Good |Fair | |Delivery service |Yes |Yes |Yes | |Food and beverage |No |Yes |No |

Competitor 1 is Le Soho cupcake that has same price as a starter, located in mall of Jakarta and offering delivery service for the customer.

Competitor 2 is Cupcake by Chocalot that has higher price from our store and Le Soho, located in mall of Jakarta and offering delivery service for the customer.

Things that make two competitors...
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