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Famous Foods

* Rice Dishes
Gohan or Meshi - plainly cooked white rice. It is such a staple that the terms gohan and meshi are also used to refer meals in general, such as Asa gohan/meshi (朝御飯, 朝飯, breakfast), Hiru gohan/meshi (昼御飯, 昼飯, lunch), and Ban gohan/meshi (晩御飯, 晩飯, dinner). Also, raw rice is called kome (米, rice), while cooked rice is gohan (ご飯, [cooked] rice). Some alternatives are: Genmai gohan (玄米御飯): brown rice

Okowa (おこわ): cooked glutinous rice
Mugi gohan/meshi (麦御飯, 麦飯): white rice cooked with barley Rice with a raw egg (卵掛け御飯Tamago kake gohan), (海苔)nori, and furikake are popular condiments in Japanese breakfast Ochazuke (御茶漬け): hot green tea or (出汁)dashi poured over cooked white rice, often with various savory ingredients such as (梅干)umeboshi or (漬物)tsukemono. Onigiri: balls of rice with a filling in the middle. Japanese equivalent of sandwiches. (炊き込み御飯)Takikomi gohan: Japanese-style pilaf cooked with various ingredients and flavored with soy, dashi, etc. Kamameshi (釜飯): rice topped with vegetables and chicken or seafood, then baked in an individual-sized pot Sekihan (赤飯) : red rice. white rice cooked with (小豆)azuki beans to Glutinous rice Curry rice : Introduced from the UK in the late 19th century, "curry rice" (karē raisu カレーライス) is now one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is much milder than its Indian counterpart. Hayashi rice(ハヤシライス): thick beef stew on rice

Omurice (Omu-raisu, オムライス): omelet filled with fried rice, apparently originating from Tōkyō Mochi (餅): glutinous rice cake
Chāhan (炒飯): fried rice, adapted to Japanese tastes, tends to be lighter in flavour and style than the Chinese version from which it is derived

Kayu or Okayu (粥, お粥): rice congee (porridge), sometimes egg dropped and usually served to infants and sick people as easily digestible meals Zosui (雑炊) or Ojiya: a soup containing rice stewed in stock, often with egg, meat, seafood, vegetables or mushroom, and flavoured with miso...
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