I Love

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My body is yearning for your hand,
and this broken heart lonely stands.
I wait for your gentle kiss,
and those soft lips I really miss!
Your bright eyes and the way you smile,
they only last for a while,
But I will wait for you here,
until you come and dry my last tear,
I just want you to know,
I will always be waiting for you.

Marika Armstrong

I Love You With All My Heart

When things are changing all around us
and the world seems to move too fast,
don't forget, I'll be right beside you.
So when you look ahead to future changes,
or think about how the past used to be,
Don't forget to look beside you
because that's where you'll find me loving you
with all my heart.
That's one thing you can count on
that will never change!!!!

S. L . Y.

You are my everything

How you and me became 'WE',
I'll never know.
But now that I have you
I can never let you go.

It shouldn't be legal,
A love like this.
I love you more,
With every stolen kiss

The light in your eyes,
Gets me through each day.
Forever in your arms,
Is where I want to stay.

(dedicated to the love of my life Doug)


Could It Be Love?!

When I see you; my heart sinks down to my belly, my legs turn to jelly. I hear your voice and my ears melt... this is a feeling I have never felt. You are my very first thought in the morning, and my last night fall. I want to grow old with you, I know this feeling is true!

What is this feeling?

* Lindzi *

When Being in Love is Gone

The truest and rarest love.
going crazy, madly insane,
still together after all the pain,
Everything is gone,
all you have is him.
Now you know you love him,
this will never change.
The truest and rarest love,
after being in love is gone.

Criselda Hernandez

I love you

Your presence makes my heart want you...
and my body yearns for your touch.
The energy that runs through me
makes me long for you.....so much

If only I could hold you
and have you next to me
Maybe this aching that I feel
would finally set me free

I stand here waiting...
praying to finally be by your side
Oh God ...please help...
help me learn how to survive!


forever to hold

never too old
forever to hold,
even when gray and old.
for you are mine
forever to hold

with these few words
let joy fill your heart
with these kisses
let love fill your heart
with these hugs
let warmth fill your heart
for you are mine
forever to hold.

john kaingu Jr

My Special Night light

The night light that keeps us safe
The light that we embrace
The moon so peaceful and true
The same peaceful light that I see in you
You watch over me
And I watch over you
I know together our love will always bloom
I long to touch you
You long to feel me
our love gets stronger each day
The special light that keeps us safe
The fullest light that I embrace…


as long as you are near

Yesterday is gone
today is here
tomorrow is near
and I will never
As long as you are near

Steven Hays
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