I Like to Go to School

Topics: Teacher, School, Education Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: March 9, 2013
29 Tran Hoang Pho
Listening and Speaking 4 – 5TA
February 28, 2013

Education Autobiography

The first day I go to school. It was a very sunny day as I remember. I had to wake up

sooner on that day. Everything was prepared by my mother, I just took the school bag and

went to school. I was so worried because I didn't know who would be my teacher, who would

be my friends. I was very thrilled to go to school but when I came there, I felt very scared. My

mother took me to my new class, even she was there but I was still feeling scared, I just

wanted to cry but I didn't. There were many new pupils like me. Although I stayed in class, I

always looked at my mother. Everything was so strange and I really hoped that I could come

home as soon as well. I promised myself:" I just study this shool year-grade 1 then I will

never go to school". Moreover, I just thought my teacher was so strict and I was afraid of him.

However, a young teacher greeted us at the door. And by a gentle voice he taught us the first

lesson. There were many teachers in my school, but at that time I just liked my home-room

teacher because he was very talented. He wrote very beautifully and he had many

characteristics that I thought I should learn from him to become a good teacher. Also, I loved

my school, and I thought that I was a lucky person to be able to go to school because there

were many childrens of my own age and they didn't have opportunities to go to school, make

friends, get knowledge, so on. In the future, if I were teacher and had money, I would help the

people who are poor and don't have conditions to go to school. Now, I’m studying in the

college, I have many friends who can share with the happiness and sadness in my life. I’m

good at English and try to become a good teacher. And I’m sure that if you have a motion to

go to school, you won’t worry about your future.

The end
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