I-Lab 3

Topics: Nutrition, Milk, Glucose Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Nam Nguyen
Healthy Meal
I get a meal from Texas Roadhouse that includes 12 oz sirloin steak, two sides of mashed potatoes and green bean, a full grass of milk and one orange or banana for dessert. The 12 Oz sirloin steak gives nutrition facts include 780 calories, 52g of fat, and 32g of protein without carbs. The mashed potatoes includes 237 calories, total fat 9g, sodium 666mg, total carbohydrate 35g with 3g sugars, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The green bean includes 8g of carbohydrate and 2g of protein, Vitamin C 30% and Vitamin A 15%. A fat free milk gives 100 calories with 11.98g carbohydrate and 8g protein with 23% Vitamin A and 4% Vitamin C. A banana comes with 200 calories and 51g carbohydrate with 33% Vitamin C. The meal gives my body a total 1300 calories and helps me have full energy for a working and studying day. The meal focuses on carbohydrate and meat beef, and it helps my body because I’m working out. A meal with more carbohydrate and beef can build my muscle faster. Furthermore, all items in the meal almost low fat, so I am not worry about high cholesterol and other diseases. This meal will be my main meal in the future and I usually eat it in the morning because the meal will give me full of energy for a day. From all information of the meal, beef is my best choice for meat, because beef is low-fat, and fresh; it also helps for bodybuilder. Besides, I will use potatoes replace for breaks because potatoes can give body full of calories without bigger stomach. Unhealthy Meal

McDonald’s. I get a whole meal includes a double cheese burger with piece of tomato and salad, French fried, and cup of Coca. The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Burger comes with 750 calories, 43g total fat, 48g protein and 1280mg sodium. French Fries come with 230 calories with 11g fat, 29g carbs and 160mg sodium and less Vitamin C 5%. A cup of Coca Cola comes with 27g sugar, 30mg sodium and no Vitamin. As we see, this meal gives my body too much fat and...
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