I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Journal #3
(Chapter 21-27)
|Quote # 13: "At eleven years old, death is more unreal than |My Opinion: An eleven year old is less focused on death because | |frightening (Angelou 160)." |it is more unreal then frightening. Death is one of the last | | |things on a child's mind because they are more worried about | | |today then tomorrow. This connotative phrase is used in this | | |story to suggest that death is the least of Maya's worries as a | | |young child, and that the funeral is a waist of time to her. | |Quote #14: "I'd rather stick my hand in a dogs mouth than in a |My Opinion: Whenever Momma brings Maya to a dentist, on the white| |nigger's (Angelou 189)." |side of town, the dentist refuses to look at Maya's teeth because| | |of her racial color. During this time in history, the black race | | |was highly looked down upon and treated less than someone would | | |an animal. This metaphor is used in this story to describe to the| | |reader how poorly African Americans were treated. They were | | |treated so poorly that in this statement dogs were considered | | |higher than blacks. | |Quote #15: "If you ask a Negro where he's been, he'll tell you |My Opinion: This quote...
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