I Knew This Was My Moment

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  • Published : September 26, 2013
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TOPIC: “I knew this was my Moment”

It was a dark, cold, dreary night and I was at home all by myself. My parents had ventured out for the night, to attend a long anticipated Christmas party which was being held by my father’s boss, Mr.Ali.Throwing myself on the couch, I switched on the television to my favourite show Pretty Little Liars. Bang! Bang! A loud knocking reverberated from the back of our house. My curiosity was aroused so much that I switched off the television and made up my mind to investigate. It seemed as though the noise was emanating from the back door. I crept stealthily on my tip-toes through the living room and the kitchen. The banging was becoming more intense. I craned my long neck and peered through a side window. What I beheld in my vision made me gasp in horror. There on the landing stood a strange-looking character all donned in black. He was fiddling with the locks in his attempt to enter the house. In his hand, he held a menacing-looking weapon. His face was dark and hidden. My first reaction was to call the police. I bolted up the stairs and dashed into my room. With trembling fingers, I searched quickly for my BlackBerry. I dialled the number of the Police Station that was in close proximity to our house. Luckily my parents had printed out a list of the emergency phone numbers and stuck it on my bedroom wall. I spoke to the curator and explained my predicament. After talking to the sergeant, I dialled my parents who seemed...