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Topics: Independent record label, Record label, Jazz Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Small, focused jazz record label. Based in Toronto promoting young (i.e. 18-30 years old) musicians/ensembles; exclusively in GTA? Offices in Montreal? Vancouver? Assisting with production (recording costs), promotion and distribution (physical / digital). live events & touring etc.
Environmental analysis.

Independent artists: i.e. self produced / self-run:
http://www.tunecore.com/ self-digital distribution

Indie, artist controlled:

International record labels: The big guys: Blue Note, Sony BMG, Warner, ECM et al

National: http://www.justin-time.com/ (generally established, Canadian jazz, some up-and-comers) http://www.kleo-records.com/ (specific to ONE artist)

// physical products: CD prices: $10-20 (generally lower for online/impersonal sales - people tend to be more willing to pay more for a record when purchased directly while experiencing a live performance.

Social factors: the jazz listener community is incredibly diverse in terms of the age range, financial situation, family background, geographical location etc. However, exposure plays a big part in developing a relationship with the music; to those with limited exposure, the music can seem too "cookie cutter" (too much Diana Krall or Michael Buble) or too abstract and obtuse (not enough!)

More and more online presence for new artists is needed. Exposure via social media is crucial to bringing an artist to national awareness, important for touring. Online sales of digital albums is cheap and easy.

Jazz scene in Toronto is growing.
http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/music/article/1294663--jazz-returning-to-top-o-the-senator-next-year !!

BUT, filled with too many "old guard" - needs more...
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