I Just Wanna Be Average

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I Just Wanna Be Average

By | October 2012
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Antonella Soranno
October 16th 2012
English 93
Mr. Rozza

“I Just Wanna Be Average”

In the story “I Just Wanna Be Average” the author Mike Rose argues that society very often neglects and doesn’t see the full value and potential of students. As a student you’re not the only one that is frustrated. Rose explains how dealing with issues and difficulty of a respected professor. As a student you can still learn to deal with issues of the professor in your own way.

Rose points out that the impact a teacher has on his or her students is very important and powerful. From experience when a student can respect and relate to a teacher they’re willing to put more effort in their work and strive to do well since they try and work so hard. Over my years of going to school, I can relate to Rose’s story. I would dread walking to school because I knew that my first period class was boring and I wouldn’t get any work done or try my hardest. He also proves with his points throughout the story that students who are not as average as others cannot be understood.

Rose mentioned in this quote “I see nothing (in proposed regulations) for people striving for higher standards” meaning that he doesn’t see any reasoning to put all these rules and situations on someone’s shoulders if they are trying to better themselves or pushing for higher standards. Rose also clearly believes that every single student have a right and can reach their maximum potential, and rise to their own expectations. As Rose himself states most teachers and professors have no idea the extent or how to reach a child’s imagination who is just “In their own mind.” Students should always take blame or control on their own education instead of blaming someone for their own actions. Teachers and professors should also be setting higher standards for students because as Rose stated the students will rise to the standard you set for them. "How did Jones do this?" "Hmmmm." "No." "No, that won't work." Your...

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