“I Hold the Future: Preserving the Philippine Biodiversity”

Topics: Biodiversity, Ecology, Natural environment Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: October 28, 2010
I hold the future because I am armed with the principles to preserve our Philippine Biodiversity. Being responsible will be one of my major principles proven in all aspects we see. Our daily activities like “not segregating garbage” and “Irresponsible throwing of garbage” greatly affects the ecosystem that it causes major extinctions of different species or more like near extinctions of these poor creatures. Biodiversity’s relevance to human’s health is an issue closely linked with climate change, as many of the anticipated health risks of climate change are associated with changes in it and have an important role in reducing disaster risks and in post disaster relief and recovery efforts. This is the reason why I must be more responsible of my actions making risk to the biological diversity and to make an effort to contribute in its preservation. To be simple, I also have to make a change in our lifestyle; specifically here in Philippines we face great mass of pollution destroying the ecosystem causing natural phenomenon affecting the whole country. I should also be responsible of handling natural resources such as land, water, soil, plants and animals focusing on its present and future generations. So that I can be able to preserve the biodiversity, I have to make strategies in order to have a sustainable environment, understanding and using appropriate management strategies is important. These strategies include; comprehending the processes of nature including ecosystem, water, and soils using appropriate and adapting management systems in local situations and cooperation between scientists that have knowledge and resources and local people that have knowledge and skills. There are also some guidelines I have to follow to give my action for the biodiversity and as my responsibility over it such as; examine impacts of local decisions in a regional context, plan for long-term change and unexpected events, preserve rare landscape elements and associated species,...
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