I Have a Dream Speech Metaphor Analysis

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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“I Have a Dream…” one of the greatest and most recognized dreams in history; not only was it one of the greatest dreams in history, but was also one of the greatest speeches in history. This whole thing was in great works of figurative & metaphorical language. The whole theme of “I have a dream” is just a metaphor for him having an actual vision, obviously not a full dream he had, but might have stemmed from a dream and became his theme. When a writer uses strong metaphorical language it allows them to associate their concepts involved in their speech with solid concrete images or ideas, thoughts, and emotions. This speech uses this whole theme and phrase “I have a dream” to show the injustices of America and the discrimination and very poor treatment of the color people after they had been told that they have “rights.” Dr. King uses very powerful words and figurative speech in this speech and a great rhetorical speaker. It was also said that Dr. King used a very strong poetic form when writing this speech and did so very carefully and thoroughly. Throughout this speech Dr. King uses many metaphors and all can have many meanings and different interpretations. Dr. King does not use many similes, but he uses a lot of metaphors. The use of many metaphor compared to usage of similes are showing a higher form of skill and intelligence. The usages of his metaphors also are requiring greater ability on the part of the audience to perceive the hidden messages, the insight into persons, things or ideas that are implied. Dr. King’s metaphor usage serve us to animate and civilize what is inanimate and they do give us more space for our imagination and make his speech more magnificent, imposing and impressive and is what makes him known as one of the greatest speakers and rhetoric’s to listen to.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. The whole theme of “I have a dream” as mentioned earlier was a metaphor. The dream that he had was not really a full...
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