I Have a Dream

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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I have a Dream
By: Kelsey Broyles
I have a dream. Those were the words of Martin Luther King Jr.when he made his famous world wide speech that changed the world forever. Well I also have a dream. Now I don't think that it will be a famous world wide speech that will change the world, but I still feel like I need to get my point across. I have a dream, for teenage bullying to end. Teenage bullying has become a HUGE problem in America these days. I want kids to be able to be comfortable at school. For them to feel safe when they come to school. so many students are picked on because of little things. Little things that bullies stretch and exagerate to make it seem like its a big deal, its something very little. Some things kids get picked on the most is their weight, height, hair, looks, where they live, if they are smart or not, and so on. Kids get picked on everyday of these little things. I think there is really no point to that. I think kids do that to each other because they are ashamed of about something of themselves. Because of bullying there are some kids who are very depressed, sucidial, sad. Kids commit suicide because of some stupid bully. They feel worthless, ugly, nasty, ashamed when really the bully should be ashamed. They are sad because the bullies are SO harsh. It's sad that things like that happen. I feel like it's time to end bullying, time to get the word out even more about how cruel kids can be. Bullying needs to END! Thats my dream, end it, end it for good.
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