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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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I Have school SPIRIT, DO YOU?
What do you think when you think of school spirit? Do you think of a full student section of kids all dressed up cheering constantly for your team with pom-poms, foam fingers, wigs, face paint, and tons of blue and gold? Do you picture everyone in the crowd standing up and cheering for every cheer? Here, in Drummond, we lack enthusiasm for our teams. Most teams play better with support from the crowd. Do you think it’d be amazing if we had the spirit that a big football school has? I do. I think the more spirit the better. That’s why so many people are trying to make a change this year. Not only to have school spirit, but to support our fellow players. Wouldn’t it be legit if our students went crazy with spirit? Having school spirit is fun!

People might think cheering for your school teams and being loud and obnoxious is lame. Those are the people that have never tried it. Most people have set a goal to support our teams with school spirit a lot more than the past years. We want this school to have so much school spirit it is SICK! If you don’t try to get involved in having school spirit then you won’t have as much fun at games. We should look forward to basketball games. I want you to try to at least get out there and cheer for our teams. Students need to realize that their high school career will go faster than you know, and by not getting involved you are only shortchanging yourself out of what could be a great high school experience.

School spirit is about loyalty to your school. It is about representing the school that you support and that supports you. Schools provide athletics. Athletics offer students a chance to pursue excellence, express school spirit, loyalty and pride, and even participate in a spiritually transcendent experience. Which means having school spirit is representing the school you go to. I know. There is enough spirit to go around. Be open to having enthusiasm and spirit for your school. I have school...
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