I Have Done Something

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I think of what is and what will never be while sitting down and just being me. I loooked back to those times in my life that I felt down, it seems no one really cares for me. I liked to get away from the disturbances that enter my day.Insult's,heartbreaks and comments are some of the things that rude me when I'm home. What is in me that they cannot see the good side of me? They more likely notice the blunders that I make, but do not appreciate those things that I'm doing well. Why they blame me when something gets wrong even it is not my fault?I take time to think what could be the reason that I'm the one they always see. Am I not supposed to be here on Earth or am I here to take those pains, those blames they put on me? I felt that '- me against the world.I dont know why was that I started to hate myself but then Life is full trickery .I hate myself to cry but tears just flow from my eyes.

I am doing the things right yet no one seems to notice how much effort i take to my task accomplish. Christine, always Christine is on to blame. But why her? she's not doing something wrong. I may be not be good for someone but i am the best for someone who appreciates me. I know at the end that I have to prove to them that i can do the things that they think i can't.

Why they always see my worst rather than my goodness. I'm alone in darkest moment of my life. I am who I am, I'll stand again after a fall, I'll move on and look up in the heaven and I know He is the one who will never leave...AT last! I'll survive ,conquer and fight for my right.
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