I Hate Love Stories

Topics: Love, Marriage, Face Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Title: I Hate Love Stories
Characters: the girl and the boy
Setting: at the coffee shop
“I always wanted to have a normal life.” My usual answer when people asked me why still at the age of 20, I don’t engage myself on serious relationships despite that this generation had been dominated by young individuals involving themselves on premature and short term relationships. Seriously, loving the opposite doesn’t interest me. Moreover, I definitely hate reading or watching love stories. It made me sick through my stomach hearing the same love story over and over again. It gives me chills and goose bumps whenever I see sweet couples on public expressing their affection with each other even in small and boring things.

I was then in a coffee shop boosting myself with some cups of caffeine when this girl caught my attention. She was with her boyfriend and they seem to be having fun. As I locked my attention to this couple, I felt that there’s no sparkle or magic between them. Being curious of this weird feeling I had, I decided to stay on the same place everyday wishing this couple would come. And my instincts didn’t fail me, I had seen them ones again and each succeeding day only the girl is left alone on the table. To my madness, I approach her and made a sarcastic smile. She left a bit annoyed and that I didn’t bother. Without second thought, I told her that there is no magic between then as a couple and that something is missing. Hearing this, her face turned red and in disappointment, she slapped me in the face and eventually leave. I was in the state of shocked for a span of 59 seconds before everything returned to normal.

Days have passed and I always make it a point to drop by at the coffee shop wishing that she might return and that I could apologize to her with my bad attitude. And one unexpected evening while I was rolling my eyes on various direction at the coffee shop, I spotted her at the corner table crying. For the first time, it melted my heart...
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