I Hate Life

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Ridge Vinson
6th Period
Research Paper
“Errything that I got, I got from slangin birds!” (2 Chainz). What does it mean to slang birds? As times change so does music and the culture around it. Times have been changing and creating a mold for what we now call pop music and rap. The pop culture and the pop music go hand and hand in these ever changing times. The youth that are growing up in society today are being exposed to new and distasteful music which it is having a negative effect on them. A lot more is allowed on radio and public broadcast than what used to be viewed as acceptable. This has made a negative shift in the culture of youth. Heavy factors for this are suggestive lyrics, scandalous videos, fashion among artist, and “famous life”. With all these contributions there is a trending wave of new teen activity and behavior. It is all over and not just in America. This is something that has spiked within the last 40 years. The older generation has become very distraught with the new trends. It is causing problems and disrupted the normal day to day life which in turn is causing more violence and illegal activity. This is the effect on teen culture that music is having. It is something that should be recognized so that there can be a changed. Due to pop culture and varieties of music these new changes aren’t good and will damage the rich culture that is already here and slowly fading away.

First in a long list of negative things about music are the suggestive lyrics. Over the years lyrics have become more and more open. This openness has ranged from simple words that older kids would understand all the way to cussing with out a bleep. This has also opened up the gate for drug terms such as “slangin birds” which means selling drugs. With this it isn’t uncommon to hear verses about murder and violet activities. “Some rock artists actually seem to encourage teen suicide, says Susan Baker the vice president of the PMRC. In...
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