I Had No Choice

Topics: Shaving, Barber, Kill Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Folio piece-short story
I had no choice it was either him or the damnation of my people. My hands were quivering with fear, sweat was dripping from my forehead as I made the decision to kill him. The man that sat in my barber shop chair had killed 14 of my friends and had death on his mind, the devil was at work in this man. Tension was rising, I walked across the empty room sharpening the blade of my silver razor, I continued to shave his beard as any good barber would have, each stroke smother than the other, as I whispered into his ear “Forget your regrets, your life has reached its end.” In a swift movement the deed was done. The warm liquid trickled down my wrist alerting me of the seriousness of my action. Quick! the blood will stain my leather chairs, time is of the essence to discard this decaying body! I lifted the body but had no place to put it, I hid it in the attic without a second guess . Thoughts were racing through my mind at speeds that couldn't be measured, in no time the blood started to drip from the forever old "Torres's barber shop" ceiling. I was a murderer. Could I live with myself ? the front door of my shop swung open. I realised someone was talking to me but I couldn't understand what he was saying, for my own screams drowned out the words from the man standing at my front door...
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