I Felt Regret for Missing the Bus and Walking in a Dark Night Alone

Topics: Horror film, Road, Walking Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: October 20, 2011
“What a fantastic horror movie The Sixth Sense is!” I thought to myself. “But what a pity I just missed the last bus so I have to walk home alone.” It was not such a long walk back and luckily, it was not raining. The last time I missed the bus, the torrential downpour drenched me so badly that I caught a severe cold which put me out of action for three whole days. I was whistling as I walked along the country road back home. Suddenly, I could feel a cold wind blowing towards me. I froze. Was there an eerie white figure in the distance ahead? I cleaned my spectacles and looked again. Yes, there was and it seemed to be flying towards me. Frantically, I started running back towards the street lights. I was so frightened that I did not see a man walking towards me and collided into him. “Watch, where you are going, boy!” the man started angrily. When he saw my ashen face, he asked me gently, “What’s the matter? Who is after you?” I opened my mouth but no words would come out. For a few minutes as I regained my breath and composed myself, I could only point desperately in the direction I was fleeing from. “You look as if you have seen a ghost,” the man said.

I nodded furiously and finally managed to blurt out, “Yes, I saw it floating in the big tree about one mile down the road.” “ A ghost? Rubbish, there are no such things as ghosts! But it looks like you need someone to accompany you home. It’s too late for such a young boy as yourself to be walking back alone. I am Kelson, by the way.” “I am Wai Kit. Thanks so much, Mr. Kelson. Anyway, I really saw it.” ‘Ok, let’s go and find it out.” Mr. Kelson replied.

I held tightly to Mr. Kelson’s arm as we walked back, as it was now pretty dark and I was still scared out of my wits. As we walked back, he asked me why I was out so late on my own. I told him how I had missed my bus after the movie. As we approached the tree, I closed my eyes so that I would not have to see the ghost again. To my surprise, there was a loud...
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