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Topics: United States, U.S. state, Texas Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: May 31, 2013
“Is Texas America?”
Prompt Analysis/Outline
 Humor implied title: “Do you want America to become Texas?” 1. While understanding that this is humor, how does Ivins answer the question posed by her title? 1. Satire of how Texas works, corporations, cronyism. 2. Texas used to be America, French speakers, diversity. 3. Texas is what America used to be but Bush is destroying it with companies like Enron and big business. 4. Is the United States doomed to see the same changes under Bush. 1. Messy politics.

2. In other words, what does Texas have that the United States in general possesses? 5. Rugged individualism; Texas held on to it longer than America did. 6. Texas is a mosaic of cultures.

7. Alamo is Iraq?

3. What, according to Ivins, is unique about Texas?
8. Diversity: Ethnically, geographically
3. Tiffany Gonzalez.
9. Big companies and cronyism thrive detrimental to social progress. 10. State Pride.
11. The fact they try to prevent the non-fundamental right leaning conservatives from ever making change. 4. Redistricting.
12. The few control the power.
13. Cantankerous but ridiculously friendly.
4. What examples does she give to support her statement?  14. Redistricting.
15. Enron
16. Karl Rove.
17. Ken lay.
18. Did not make any changes after gay deaths.
19. Prison state.
5. Referencing death penalty, George W. executed many people. 5. Does she reconcile these conflicting perspectives?  Why or why not? 20. Texas is good; she loves Texas and the potential it possesses. 21. Texas is bad because of Bush and the like.

22. Her entire essay is to show how these perspectives clash 23. She does not want to reconcile these conflicting perspectives. Compares and contrasts every sentence. George W is masquerading under the idea of Texas...
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