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Topics: Anne Frank, Miep Gies, Otto Frank Pages: 12 (3223 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The Diary of Anne Frank
By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hacket

Literature Circle Packet

Common Core Objectives:
RL 2 Determine a theme of a text and analyze its development, including its relationship to the characters, setting, and plot.

RL 10 Read and comprehend dramas.

L 4 Determine and clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words or phrases

Directions for this packet:

Most of this packet is designed for you, the reader, to read and acknowledge the concepts listed on the beginning of the packet. You will need to follow the reading schedule provided and work with your group on the discussion questions each day needed within class. The vocabulary correlates with the different parts of the novel, so you will need to complete it as you go along.

The concept pages at the end of the packet are designed for you to fill in as you find evidence of their presence within the text.

Follow along and discuss/answer the discussion questions. You will need to abide by the schedule for the packet.

* You will rotate positions, and fulfill the obligations of the positions each of those 3 days. The positions and explanations of each are located on page 233 of your SpringBoard textbooks. (There will not be an artist position for this novel)

* Every 3 days you will need to draw and complete your own copy of the graphic organizers on pages 235, 236, 237 of your SpringBoard textbook.

* Each member will be responsible of documenting a response to another member’s discussion point each day you are assigned discussion questions. (This is much like a Fishbowl) You will find a graphic organizer that demonstrates this on page 244 of your Springboard textbook.

* At the end of the novel you will be responsible for completing and answering the questions on page 247 of your springboard novel.

Please Note: All members of the Literature Circle are responsible for filling out each activity required within the packet. This includes preparing responses to each discussion question. You will need to write all discussion question responses on your own paper. You will need to make sure you include the title of the section of discussion questions you are responding to.

Reading Schedule:

Day 1: Understanding the Elements of Drama
* Reading a Drama – read and highlight
* Read the Diary of Anne Frank Summary
* Read Act 1, Scene 1 and all introductory material
Day 2: Elements of Drama
* Read Act 1, Scenes 2 & 3
* Begin Elements of a Drama worksheet
Day 3: Characterization, Understanding Act 1
* Read Act 1 Scenes 4 & 5
* Characterization worksheet
* Complete Question Support: Act 1 worksheet
Day 4: Reading a Drama
* Read Act 2 Scenes 1 & 2
* Complete Reading Strategy: Reading a Drama worksheet
Day 5: Vocabulary,
* Read Act 2 Scenes 3 & 4
* Vocabulary Study worksheet
Day 6:
* Read Act 2, Scene 5
* Complete Question Support: Act 2 worksheet

Day 7: Theme
* Complete page 566, questions 1-8
* Complete Text Analysis: Theme
Day 8: Review and Extension
* Choose 3 questions to answer from the Additional Selection Questions worksheet, 1 from each of the 3 categories * Finish all worksheets in packet, and prepare for test.
Day 9:
* Final test

The Diary of Anne Frank
The Diary of Anne Frank
Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Setting: Amsterdam, 1942–1945
When Act One begins, it is November of 1945. World War II has ended and Otto Frank returns to the rooms in Amsterdam where he, his family, and some friends hid from the Nazis for two years. Sad and bitter over the events of the war, Frank plans to leave Amsterdam for good. Before he leaves, he finds the diary that his daughter Anne wrote during their two years in hiding. As he begins to read, the point of view shifts, and we see the events of the Franks’ time in hiding through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Anne. In July of...
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