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Topics: Operant conditioning, Behaviorism, Reinforcement Pages: 318 (75129 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Instructor’s Manual with Test Items

to accompany

Applied Behavior Analysis

Second Edition

John O. Cooper ● Timothy E. Heron ● William L. Heward

All, The Ohio State University

Prepared by

Stephanie Peterson, Idaho State University ● Renée K. Van Norman, University of Nevada-Las Vegas ● Lloyd Peterson, Idaho State University ● Shannon Crozier, University of Nevada-Las Vegas ● Jessica E. Frieder, Idaho State University ● Peter Molino, Idaho State University ● Heath Ivers, Idaho State University ● Shawn Quigley, Idaho State University ● Megan Bryson, University of Nevada-Las Vegas ● David Bicard, University of Memphis


Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
Columbus, Ohio



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ISBN-10: 0-13-142112-3

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Definition and Characteristics of Applied Behavior Analysis6 Chapter 2: Basic Concepts10
Chapter 3: Selecting and Defining Target Behaviors14
Chapter 4: Measuring Behavior16
Chapter 5: Assessing and Improving the Quality of Behavioral Measurement19 Chapter 6: Constructing and Interpreting Graphic Displays of Behavioral Data21 Chapter 7: Analyzing Behavior Change: Basic Assumptions and Strategies25 Chapter 8: Analytic Tactics Using Withdrawal, Reversal, and Alternating Treatment Conditions28 Chapter 9: Analytic Tactics Using Multiple Baseline and Changing Criteria31 Chapter 10: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Research in Applied Behavior Analysis34 Chapter 11: Positive Reinforcement37

Chapter 12: Negative Reinforcement41
Chapter 13: Schedules of Reinforcement43
Chapter 14: Punishment by Presentation of a Stimulus46
Chapter 15: Punishment by Removal of a Stimulus49
Chapter 16: Motivating Operations52
Chapter 17: Stimulus Control55
Chapter 18: Imitation58
Chapter 19: Shaping60
Chapter 20: Chaining63
Chapter 21: Extinction66
Chapter 22: Decreasing Behavior with Differential Reinforcement69 Chapter 23: Antecedent Interventions72
Chapter 24: Functional Behavior Assessment78
Chapter 25: Verbal Behavior84
Chapter 26: Contingency Contracting, Token Economy, and Group Contingencies87 Chapter 27: Self-Management90
Chapter 28: Generalization and Maintenance of Behavior Change95 Chapter 29: Ethical Considerations for Applied Behavior Analysts100 Test Bank and Answer Keys
Chapter 1 Test Bank102
Chapter 2 Test Bank105
Chapter 3 Test Bank110
Chapter 4 Test Bank113
Chapter 5 Test Bank117
Chapter 6 Test Bank121
Chapter 7 Test Bank127
Chapter 8 Test Bank132
Chapter 9 Test Bank139
Chapter 10 Test Bank142
Chapter 11 Test Bank145
Chapter 12 Test Bank151
Chapter 13 Test Bank154
Chapter 14 Test Bank158
Chapter 15 Test Bank161
Chapter 16 Test Bank165
Chapter 17 Test Bank168
Chapter 18...
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