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Topics: Recycling, Water, Waste management Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: December 21, 2012
You will conduct research on the one of following topics of interest. You will work as a group of three (groups will be assigned by topic) and make a PowerPoint, or a poster, presentation (Your instructor will inform you which type of presentation you will perform). Assume that the audience is comprised of your classmates and other ZU students.

A. Recycling - Choose one item which is recycled in the UAE, or one item which is recycled in other countries (but not in the UAE): Research the processes involved; difficulties/problems; final products; costs, carbon emission; effects on the environment; etc. B. Green products vs. conventional products - Find one green product you see/know in your everyday life: Research and compare with conventional products on safety; pollution; production processes; carbon emission; costs; recycling; fair-trade; consumer awareness/understanding; etc. C. Alternative energy or Energy efficiency - Choose one type of project/program which is under operation or development in the UAE and/or in other Gulf countries: Research and compare with non-renewable energy processes; efficiency; costs; effects on the environment; difficulties/problems; practicality; potential; etc. D. Water use/sources/reuse - Collect the water use (city water, ground water, and/or bottled water) data in the UAE and compare with other countries: Research the water sources; procedures of purification and/or desalination processes; problems/concerns; costs; reuse of water; etc. E. Waste management – Choose one type of waste management system in the UAE: Research the processes; carbon emissions; costs; problems; solutions; public health; awareness of citizens; etc. F. Sustainable cities – Find one successful eco-city/town in the world: Research the eco-city projects and operations; transportation systems; green buildings; energy efficiency; carbon emission, environmental costs; difficulties; cooperation of citizens; possibility
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