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By | November 2012
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English 102
“The Road not taken”
Oftentimes in life, we take the easy way out, but other times, we make more difficult and less popular decisions. These choices can make all the difference in our lives about who we are and what type of person we choose to be. In the poem “ The Road not Taken” by Robert Frost, the narrator comes upon a fork in the road while walking through a yellow wood. He considers both paths and concludes that each one is equally well traveled and appealing. After choosing one of the roads, the narrator tells himself that he will come back to this fork one day in order to try the other road. However, he realizes that it is unlikely that he will ever have the opportunity to come back to this specific point in time because his choice of path will simply lead to other forks in the road and other decisions. The author leaves us as the readers with few questions that are unanswered. For instant when the speaker says “I took the one that is less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”(19,20) my interpretation is that does the word difference means positive difference or regret. My third interpretation is that the poem is about events its either good or bad. My initial interpretation is that does the word “difference”(20) mean regret, or happiness. We can analyze the word difference in two ways. First way is his pride about himself. He chooses the road less traveled and something good happened to him and he is proud of himself. The difference is something fine here. On the other hand maybe the speaker is regretful. He uses the word "sigh”(16) and also the repetition of "I" shows his regret. If he is regretful this means something harmful happened, and this harmful thing is the "difference". The author also says that he will tell his decision “ with a sigh” which means that he will feel some regret and wonder of his life would have been different if he had taken the other road. You might regret a choice in...

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