I Deserve This Scholarship

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  • Published : August 14, 2010
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I deserve to win this scholarship for many reasons. I have worked hard most of my life, academically . I have always dreamed of building and designing houses since I was 9 years old. I always told my mom that I was destined to build homes for people. I asked my mom one day what exactly is the name of what I want to be and she said to me that finding out the name of what it was I wanted to be myself would have more importance than her telling me. That's when I tought myself how to use a computer and I found two results: Architecture and Interior Design. I will be attending the University of Houston in Houston, Texas in August of 2011. This University is not a cheap school to go to especially because I am not an instate resident and attending requires a laptop and other design field technology. Another reason is because my parents are separated and my dad can't help me that much because out of the 17 years of my life, he paid child support for about 2 months and my mom can't help me out that much either because I have two younger sisters in elementary schoool that have needs also. also would like to double major between Architecture and Interior Design. People down me when I tell them this but I've never understood why they say I couldn't do it. I ask them why? And they never give me an answer,so I say there must not be a very good reason. This scholarship would help me out alot because it will give me a chance to keep some of my money that I have been saving up so I can use it later when I get out in the real world.
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