I Can I Will

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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While reading the book, I Can I Will, I found the messages that were sent across to be very forceful and pertained to a lot of my own life experiences. The book teaches me to overcome my negative preconceptions and always say “I can I will.” It also teaches me to believe in myself, have positive self-affirmation, and spend my energy on important aspects of my life. Furthermore, it enlists self-confidence in the reader and allows an individual to introspectively assess the qualities that are needed for personal success. While it may be easy to comprehend the tasks and qualities that are needed to achieve these goals, it is hard to put them in to affect. However, in life, no meter how hard it is, I have always tried my best to accomplish all my goals and reach almost all my dreams. Today, since I am asked to write this paper, I look back and realize that I was able to accomplish my goals and reach my dreams because I had the ability to overcome negative preconceptions, barriers of fears ,and resistance of changes in my life.

I was born in Armenia. When I was 15 years old my family and I started to think about my future education. My father and mother would always give me choices of different professions and ask me which one I would enjoy to do the most. One important opportunity that I had from the young age was the opportunity to make decisions for my own life. Finally, I have decided to become an Economist. In Armenia, when applying for Universities, one needs to take some major tests. For those special tests there are special tutors that most of the parents hire for their kids. Hence, my father hired a private tutor so I can get ready for the tests. After a couple of meetings, my tutor decided to give me advices about becoming a model or an actress. She would tell me that the math test I have to take has a lot of statistics and physics involved and the tests are not as easy as I think. When I told her that I enjoy math and I would love to become an...
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