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Topics: Hypertension, United States, Childhood obesity Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: May 31, 2011
Supporting Claims
with Evidence: Paragraphs
ENG 101
A. McCutcheon
College of the Canyons

Use this worksheet to develop and evaluate supporting evidence for your claims when planning your essay. You can also use this worksheet to analyze and evaluate the writing of others. In the spaces below, write your (or the author’s) topic sentence, main points of support/subtopics, specific evidence, types of evidence, appeals, modes of development, and conclusion.

Topic Sentence: transition (optional) + subtopic + claim+author) As fast food keeps growing nation wide it effects peoples well being and health,

Subtopic #1: Firstly
Main Point United states has targeted foreign countries for Fast Food production and distribution.

a. Evidence: In Beijing, children claimed they “liked Uncle McDonald” because he was “funny, gentle, and kind. Type Statistics Appeal Pathos/Ethos

b. Evidence:In Australia, half of the kids thought ronald knew what kids should eat.Type Statistics /Appeal Pathos/Ethos

c. Evidence: Coca-Cola is a kid in china favorite drink because of Mcdonalds. Type Statistics Appeal Ethos

Subtopic #2: Main Point: Many years ago McDonalds didn’t have as many restaurants as it now has established.

Evidence: They are a worldwide known corporation. Type: statistics Appeal: logos

Evidence: McDonalds opens about 5 new restaurants every day. Type: statistics Appeal:logos

c. Evidence: Mcdonalds is one of the largest food chains now.Type: statistics Appeal: logos Mode: description

Subtopic #3: Main Point: Obesity in America

a.Evidence: Mass Index of 30 or higher is termed obese. Type: Statistics. Appeal: Pathos

b.Evidence: America has the most obese children in the world. Type: Stats Appeal: Logos

c. Evidence: Diabetes, High blood pressure, etc.. problems of obesity Type: Statistics Appeal: Ethos

Conclusion/Warrant: Fast food is spreading nation wide and we have to stop it.
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