I Am a Microphone

Topics: Human voice, Microphone, Mind Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Edgar xxxx
My name is Edgar xxxx and the object I will be describing myself as is a microphone. I give my ways of being a microphone through music, being a young child versus now, and the career I am pursuing. A microphone is great to have but even more amazing to be.

I have a dream of being a famous musician for the band I am vocalist and writer for right now. My microphone gives me a bigger voice to speak my mind and give my own personal thoughts to a crowd in a way that cannot simply be done on the streets. On a big stage I am the microphone for people who cannot get their voice out, I am the sound of the people who are unheard and invisible. I am the voice of the rebellious and free ones who people will not share their attention with. I am giving those muffled voices a chance to be heard and sharing their conceptions and thoughts to those who would not listen before, but because I have a microphone everyone will listen.

My microphone gives me the voice I never had growing up. Everyone else’s sound seemed to always be more important than my own, never letting me express myself causing my self-esteem to get smaller. Never letting me be heard and always watching and seeing what harm a person can do when they use their microphone the wrong way has made me come to realize how much power a person can have. But now, being a microphone, I can project my opinions and objections to the people who made me feel livid. I can share my voice with others who have been through similar situations and can come together, being microphones, and maybe share our words with others and explain what harm they can do using their tongues the wrong way.

My educational goal, the way I can best be a microphone for people, is to be a nurse. As a nurse I can help the patients who have had pains for so long to be heard by doctors who will care for them. Getting the voiceless ones the medications they need, vocalizing to the doctors what the patients’ wants and needs...
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