I Am a Healthy Person

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  • Published : April 19, 2006
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When asked if I'm healthy or not, my initial response would be "Heck no!!! I don't eat right, I never run, and my roommate hates me." But upon pondering the definition of health, I discovered there are more aspects to health than what meets the eyes…literally. The first aspect that comes to mind when thinking about how healthy I am is my social well-being. I will be the first to tell you I love my parties, and I am very sociable at those parties too. I have plenty of fabulous and fine friends here at Erskine, who happen to be sexy too. The second dimension of my health that I meet is my occupational status. I am employed at Zaxby's in Spartanburg, but that is not my only occupation. I am a full-time student at Erskine College, and also chemistry major. On top of that, I play softball for Erskine College. I am also very healthy in a spiritual way. Since I've come to Erskine, I've strengthened my relationship with God. For instance, every time I get into a car, I pray. But seriously, I have the support from my friends and family here at Erskine to only grow more spiritual. The final aspect that all the above aspects contribute to is my mental dimension of health. Although I do get stressed, I've come to find ways to handle my stress. For example, after a late night of studying I relieve my stress by making a trip to Taco Bell and ordering a ½ pound cheesy bean and rice burrito, and a water to drink. That water is the closest I get to my physical health. Although I am not physically healthy, four out of five ain't bad. I have plans to become more physically fit; they are just a little unmotivated right now.
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