I Am a Dancer

Topics: Dance Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: February 18, 2013
I am a Dancer
A dancer, a real dancer is someone who puts all of his or her heart, soul, life, and hard work into dancing. A dancer is someone who practices until perfection is made, never giving up, even if it takes weeks on end. A dancer is someone who gives their all even when they don't feel like it or don’t think that his or her body can stand the pressure needed. A dancer dances when music is playing and often times when it is not. A dancer lives for their performance, their few minutes of fame.

It was that time. It was time for the performance. She was ready. She had prepared most of her life for this night. It may seem, to others, that preparing your entire life for one night is a waste of time or isn’t worth it. She is a dancer and dance is her life. It is no waste of time. It was a way of expression, a way of beauty, and a way of life that only a select few have the endurance to live. For these select few, dancing and performing are what they enjoy most. Nothing pleases them more than pretty music, an empty floor, and a pair of jazz shoes. She is a dancer through it all.

The costume, although not very comfortable or attractive, was important for her performance. It made her look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Everyone in her routine had the same costume, and it made the group of giggling girls look more like a group of graceful swans. As the dancers put the costumes on, they instantly were transformed from a girl in a jogging suit to a ballerina. The air smelled of hair spray and new leather jazz shoes. Sequins and sparkles were all over the floors or the dressing rooms. It was easy to tell just by walking into the room that it was time for a performance. The makeup on the dancers face fully chalked on. No blemishes in sight. It was time. Tendus, pliés, arabesques, and pirouettes were all taking place as part of the dancers' practice. "Practice makes perfect" was and is a good saying for a dancer. "Practice makes...
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