I Am Tired as a Dog, but I Will Sleep as a God

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“I am tired as a dog, but I will sleep as a God”

Every circumstance of trial, temptation, and suffering is an opportunity to prove love God. Keep fighting, keep going, and keep living even if you get tired sometimes.There are times in life when we faced with situations that seem to be complicated. Sometimes we struggle with circumstances in the world that cause us to be distracted.But, we must try to battle and win by our own efforts. Problems help us to perfect our perseverance, endurance, loyalty, humility and trust. The greater the sacrifice we go through, the more blessings we can get. Remember that we may get tired but, we must believe that we can do to fight whatever waves we encountered. Remember the story of creation that before God rest, he makes sure that everything will be perfect. Just like in our life, when we encounter various trials just accept and fight for it. Consider it as a challenge so that we may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. See the brighter and positive side as going along the way. God doesn’t sleep. Be like God, not in the sense that you will not also sleep, but see God as an inspiration to keep moving on. “All struggle, all resistance is -- must be -- concrete. And all struggles have a global resonance. If not here, then there. If not now, then soon. Elsewhere as well as here.”
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