I Am the Messenger

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  • Published : October 16, 2008
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I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
In the novel I am the Messenger Ed Kennedy is a character that depicts many attributes in which give him a life of solitude and feeling that there is no purpose in life. But with one event Kennedy’s life changes into a life of purpose, a life full of adventure, and a life in which he always wanted.

Kennedy was a below average teenager with not much of a future since he was a high school drop out. Being an underage cabdriver it gave him enough money to survive but not enough to live a lavish lifestyle that every teenager wants to live. Eventually he would notice this and Kennedy would lingered in a life without purpose. One day in his ordinary life Ed Kennedy decides to go to the bank without knowing that this event would change his life. Kennedy would be in a bank robbery, not as robbing the bank but as an innocent person, and would be held at gunpoint many times for not keeping his mouth shut. The robber eventually asks for someone’s key and Kennedy without knowing would save the robbery from this action. The robber went to get the car but didn’t know that it would not work at this time. By giving him the keys to an old beat down car the robber was not able to escape and eventually Kennedy would grab the gun that the robber would leave at the ground and hold him at gun point until the police came to arrest the robber. With this single event Kennedy’s life would change and would be full of purpose; therefore, making it an important part of the theme.

After the bank robbery Kennedy would be all over the newspapers because of his supposed heroism. Soon after his heroic day view he would receive an Ace of spades with a list of names on the card. Instead of thinking that this card was a message Kennedy took it as an obligation to find these people and help. The first assignment was in the middle of the night at Edgar Street, this is an unexpected event in many ways. At his first assignment Kennedy did not know what to expect...
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