I Am the Cheese

Topics: Character, Narrative, Fiction Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Robert Cormier is a renowned American author who has written many award winning literature novels such as The Chocolate War, After the First Death and The Bumblebee Flies Away. His books are often concerned with the themes of abuse, mental illness, revenge, betrayal and conspiracy. Another well-known novel written by Robert Cormier is called I am the Cheese. The story revolves around a teenage boy who embarks on a bike journey to visit his dad in Rutterbug, Vermont. Narrative conventions such as symbols, novel structure, point of view, setting and tone were used to develop the two main themes in the novel which were an individual against the society and abuse of power by the government. These narrative convections also affect the reader’s response towards the novel. The main theme of this novel is how an individual stands alone in a society which is self-interested and appalling. Powerful organisations controlled the Delmonte’s/Farmer’s life throughout the novel. Therefore, the individuals were left to fend to themselves in a battle they could not win. The government abuse their power to of power by the government effected Adam’s life. He is all by himself and no one could rescue him from his confinement because no one knows who or what he is. Symbols were one of the narrative conventions that were used in the novel to develop the themes and affect the reader’s response. The most apparent symbol in the novel is the title, ‘I am the Cheese’ which was taken from the nursery rhyme ‘The Farmer in the Dell.’ As the song goes each character takes someone with them when the farmer leaves, but the cheese has nobody and it stands alone. Therefore, Adam is known as the cheese. Adam is left in this world alone and believes that he is not wanted by anyone since his parents’ death. This symbol develops the theme of an individual against the society. Another symbol in the novel is the character, Brint. He stands for corruption of the government because he works in the same...
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