I Am Sam (Summary Paper)

Topics: I Am Sam, Adult, Foster care Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: November 8, 2012
I Am Sam

My brief overview of I am Sam is about a mentally challenged man named Sam Dawson who faces epic interruption in his simple way of living when he has to raise his daughter Lucy who he fathered with a homeless woman. Lucy mom abandoned her after she gave birth to her. Sam is raising Lucy alone and is faced with an abundantly load of adversity because of his handicap.

As Lucy becomes older she begins to become smarter than her father and alarming incidents starts to occur and question Sam’s capabilities of continuingly taking care of her. After an incident that happened at her birthday party Sam and Lucy are visited by social worker and Lucy is taken away from Sam. Sam friend recommends a lawyer for him her name is Rita who also has a lot going on in her personal life and her story develops through the movie. Lucy is placed with a foster family and the foster family wants to adopt her. During the trial Sam finally realize that he cannot take care of Lucy and she might be better off with her foster family who plans on adopting her. Lucy wants to stay with Sam so she frequently runs away to be with Sam who moved near her new foster family home to stay closer Lucy. Lucy foster family who realize that Sam and Lucy need each other in their life decide to let Sam have custody of Lucy. Sam also realized that he needs help raising Lucy so he asked her foster parents to help him raise her.

In chapter one of Journey of Adulthood we discussed Adult Development and how change happens and how it affects our life. A highly functional mentally challenged individual, who is defined as being an individual that can work, live alone, and make simple decision but need to be monitored occasionally,. When Lucy came into Sam’s life it changed everything about his simple way of living. In chapter one Bjorkland defines change as being the force to stability. Sam was not ready for Lucy but he changed his way of living to accommodate her best he knew how. Having...
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