I Am Sam

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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I am Sam

A good citizen is someone who respects others and their property. They are helpful, patient, caring and respectful. They are not greedy or selfish and they are willing to help out others and their community. They always work hard, always willing to learn, they obeys laws and do the best they can. A good citizen is humble.

Sam Dawson is a good example of a good citizen because he genuinely cares about everybody else. He never acts selfishly and is loving and always there for his daughter Lucy. He always looked after his daughter with great care. Sam even cared about his daughter’s mother until she abandoned him. Sam never complains or makes excuses and he is very responsible and caring in everything he does. In the movie, he always tries his very best to make sure Lucy gets everything that she needs. This proves that he is a good citizen because even though Sam is mentally disabled, he basically defines a good citizen.

Lucy Diamond, Sam’s daughter is a good citizen because she is patient and willing to teach Sam. She would read to Sam often and try to teach him new words. She doesn’t get frustrated at her father and she doesn’t not like him because of his disability. She is very strong as she is pulling a lot of weight just to make it through for a seven year-old and tries to be humble by holding back at school even though in hindsight it was the wrong thing to do. Sam has taught her well on how to be a good citizen and it was her father’s disability that made her so strong.

Annie, Sam’s next door neighbour, is an excellent example of a good citizen. When Sam just got Lucy and was struggling to take care of her properly, she openly took Lucy in and took good care of her. It is an amazing commitment to take care of such a young child and it displays true empathy. Annie is very loving and kind and patient. She loves Lucy as her own grandchild. Annie is also very compelled to stay in her apartment all the time and doesn’t enjoy contact with the...
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