I Am Responsible for Everything I Do

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I am responsible for everything I do
Misbehavior should not be happening in school. There are rules and expectations that I must follow to be successful. When I misbehave, I lose many of the fun things to do around this school. I can’t go to class with my friends; I miss recess, P.E., and Lunch with my friends. I don’t get to go to music or art or anything fun. I get stuck in a classroom working all day. That is not fun. The reality is that I am the responsible for being here. Nobody else sent me here, I sent myself. I made a mistake and I have to realize that this is just a consequence of my actions. I have to realize that is nobody else’s fault but mine. I can’t blame anybody else, because I make my own choices, and this time I chose to get in trouble. I must stay focused on my work, keep my hands to myself, behave in the classroom and make good choices. I must apologize to those whom I have offended; my teachers, my classmates, and the Principals. I must decide to work when I have to work and stay away from trouble.

The Golden Rule
I must treat everyone else the same way I want to be treated. This is a simple principle that has a profound meaning and a complicated process. There are many ways I can try to solve my problems, but in this case, the Golden Rule is the key to solve the main problem. This rule has a deep meaning. If I have to give my rights up, just to make other people’s lives easier, then I have to do it. I must realize that is never about me, but about everyone else. If my actions offend other people, then it means that I care more about myself than I care about others. I will have to learn how to set other people before myself. The Golden Rule can be complicated if I have not learned how to let others have their rights. When I decide to be rude to my teachers and classmates, then I make it hard for me. If I try to “run the show” in class, it means that I’m too selfish and that I don’t care about anybody else, but me. The Golden Rule is...
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