I Am Proud to Be a Chandigarhwalla

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I am proud to be a

St.Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School
Every one loves own’s birth place. Birth place is the second mother who gives us support to live. My birth place is Chandigarh. It’s like my second mother. I respect Chandigarh as my mother.
Chandigarh is famous for neatness. It is pollution free city. No other city is so beauliful in allover India. There are many reasons to proud to be a Chandigarhwallah. In this city too much discipline in every field. Chandigarh is a well planned city. There are well maintained park in this city for children to play and swing. There are green trees both sides of the roads. Most of the trees are medicinal,who give us fresh and healthy air.

Chandigarh is a tourist place. There are lots of places to enjoy. Rock garden, Rose garden, lake and science museum are situated in Chandigarh. People come for other place to see all these places. There is no shortage of water and electricity.

In this city there are very stick stick traffic rules. Every one have to obey all the rules. On the lights cameras are fixed. No terrorist stay in this city. So Chandigarh is the crime free city. So in this city easy to live.

People are very friendly, disciplined and co-operative. They enjoy every festival together.
Chandigarh is educational city. Engineering College, I T Park, Medical College, Hotel Management,M.B.Aand many other higher qualified courses are being here. So students do not want to go out side Chandigarh. I also want to be a Doctor and want to study in Chandigarh. Ones a person come from outside, do not want to go back.

I am one of the example. My mother is doing job in Delhi. I live with my father here. Always my mother says to come in Delhi with her to study but I always...
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