I Am Number Four

Topics: Supernatural, Sociology, Plot Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: May 27, 2013
I am Number Four, what does it have to do with modern society? To be honest, I thought that would be pretty hard to answer because of the fact that the book is based on a boy from another planet that was destroyed, so he’s hiding on earth with his guardian. Oh and he also has super powers, but not the full potential of his powers and he’s waiting for them while it slowly develops. Number four does experience modern day issues during his adventure; one is his own personal struggle and perseverance. Another thing that helps Number four throughout his journey is his role models, his role models are what help him get through and survive. Anyways this book was quite rather amazing, its creative writing made the book very enjoyable.

How does Number four have personal struggles? Basically reading the book, you find out that he has great responsibilities to handle. John, which is what he is called by others in the book, is a legacy from when he was born, which causes him to develop these supernatural powers that allow him to do thing imaginable. He’s on the run from the species called the mogadorians that destroyed his planet because they’re looking and trying to kill him. So John is on the run from these people trying to murder him because he is the next to die for the last three has died and he is the next. While on the run, John has to change identities and move far away from the place he was staying at before, so then he always has to meet new people, make new friends, and struggle with so much change.

What was the theme of I am Number Four? I could honestly say that its role models are important. If you look at the aspects of this story you realize that John is with and taken care of by his guardian and protector throughout the story, without him he probably wouldn’t be able to survive at all. Henri is the one helping him understand his powers, and where he’s from and why are they doing what they’re doing. If you have someone to look up too, you should...
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