I Am Number Four

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Oct. 8, 1975

Dear Hubert,

Autumn has at last come to us: this summer the heat remained longer than usual. The air is

quite cool and pleasant now. The blossoms of the tree smell in our garden. The scent is

sweet but it somehow stirs up the desires inside me. I don't like it very much because it

makes me restless.

Quite recently my grandfather, the father of my mother, died of cancer. He was 85.

My letter is usually quite long, but if it is not interesting at all for you, I'm awfully

sorry and forgive me. And also please don't mind any more to write to me in block letters.

In whatever way it is written, I'm happy to get a letter from you.

As I told you, my brother, 26, is going to engage this autumn. So my parents bought his

fiancé a diamond engage ring. The size of the diamond is like this and it cost about 290

Pounds. Don't you think it silly to spend that amount of money on the ring? His fiancé is

short and fattish and I've nicknamed her as 'pig'. So I always say to my mother, "Hey

mother, it's like 'a diamond for a pig'!"

Teaching at Notre Dame Girls' High School, my alma mater, is monotonous, boring and

unbearable. But on the other hand, I'm beginning to feel recently that I'm learning

something new from teaching. I think this is a good discovery. But the bad point is that

other teachers are so often having a chat about their little children or about the too

domestic matters. I'm fed up with hearing them. So in my spare time in the teachers' room,

I'm either reading something or speaking with the American sisters. By the way the Emperor

and the Empress of Japan are paying a visit to the United States from Sep. 30 for 8 days or


And finally how do you feel about your new university life? I hope it's interesting and

enjoyable. I'm looking forward to hearing from you quite soon.

So Hubert, good-bye and good luck.


Oct. 21, 1975

Dear Hubert,

What a nice letter you gave me! And I'm glad to hear that your college life is not bad

except your room. If your room is so small, I wonder if it is an attic or something.

You mentioned you applied for a job as international telephonist, but how can you find time

to work besides being a student? As a matter of fact, one year ago when I was senior, I

applied for a job as international operator to Japan International Telephone and Telegram

Co., Ltd. I passed the paper examination in English, but after having an interview with the

staffs of that company, they informed me of their not adopting me. I suppose they didn't

adopt me, because I didn't look sociable, and strong enough to endure the work. By the way,

it just came to my mind that some day I'd like to talk with you on the telephone.

Well, Hubert, I'm going to take an exam of Cambridge certificate of Proficiency in English

on the 10, 11th December. I don't like exams; I'm really fed up with them. But if I pass it,

it will be a good qualification of English when applying for a foreign university. As for

what I'm going to do in the future, I'm just thinking and thinking and thinking and

thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking ...!

But sooner or later, I must decide anyway. My present social obligation is solely to teach

at Notre Dame until the end of the next January.

By the way, did I tell you I play the violin? I started practicing it at 12. Now I'm not

having a private lesson, but quite often I play it just for enjoyment. It somehow helps me


be out of the nihilistic mood for a moment. But since my performance is awful, I assure you

will get stomach indigestion or terrible headache to hear it!

Just a couple of days ago a friend of my mother visited our home. Her husband, a professor,

is on his research trip to Canada, the U.K. and Europe. As he has such a dark brown skin,

his wife got so worried and felt shame that he would go...
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