I Am Not Esther

Topics: Family, Prayer, Mother Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 18, 2012
“I Am Not Esther”
“I am not Esther” is a novel which reveals a story about a girl named “Kirby” whose mother went to Africa and left Kirby with her brother called “Uncle Caleb”. Uncle Caleb and his family were very religious. There was no “TV, Radio, and mobile”. Behaving in godly way with this family was a part of their life rule. They believed that God solves every problem. Kirby’s name was changed to “Esther” because everyone in the family had to have a Biblical name. Kirby struggled with what she as unnecessary rules rights and prayers and she always got sent to discipline room to read the Bible. Kirby saved life of the woman named “Naomi”. “Naomi” was a pregnant and ill woman and she needed serious help during her pregnancy. Nobody did anything for her not even “Caleb” her husband. “Caleb” said that he had prayed for her and everything would be fine. She needed extreme help and it was Kirby who called the ambulance and saved her life. Kirby always thought about where her Mum was, was she in Africa? She never sent a letter for her from Africa. Towards the end “Caleb’s” son “Daniel” had to marry unknown girl, Daniel refused and he was physically assaulted by the community for not accepting but Kirby helped him, and they both managed to escape. Lastly Kirby finds her Mum; her Mum hasn’t been to Africa. She was sick in a hospital. Her Mum did not really want to work in Africa it was Uncle Caleb who tried to make her come to family of Faith back and pray for what she had done. Kirby’s Mum got pregnant before getting married which was strictly against the rule of Faith family. One of the themes in the book is that Kirby tries to find herself after her mother left her. After living with the family of Faith Kirby acts like Esther and thinks like “Esther” and then Kirby no longer knew who really she was. Is she Kirby or Esther? .The other theme is the effect of religion of this community and its individuals. Throughout the novel it is oblivious that...
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