I Am Lengend Analysis

Topics: I Am Legend, Will Smith, Human Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Grace 1
Sarah Grace
Dr. Khan
ENG 1101
Analysis Paper
19 November 2012
“I Am Legend” Analysis
Can humans really transform into man-eating monsters? The movie “I Am Legend” was directed by Francis Lawrence and features great actors such as Will Smith, Alice Braga, and Charlie Tahan. This movie was produced in Warner Studios and runs for one hour and 41 minutes. This movie was released in 2007. “I Am Legend” can best be analyzed by the plot, strengths and weaknesses. “I Am Legend” is about a scientist named Robert Neville and his struggle with being the last human on earth. He lives in the city of Manhattan in New York. When the people in the city receive the supposed treatment for cancer, they all morph into savage and hideous beasts. Robert Neville however, is immune to this cure and does not turn into a monster. Throughout the movie, he attempts to inject his blood into these diseased people in the hopes of reversing the sickness and turning them back into humans. He quotes, “Blood tests confirm that I remain immune to both the airborne and contact strains. Canines remain immune to airborne strain only. The vaccine trials continue. I'm still unable to transfer my immunity to infected hosts. The Krippen Virus is... elegant.” (I Am Legend). The strengths of this movie are the special effects, story line, Will Smith’s portrayal of Robert Neville, and the meaning behind the story. “I am Legend” is never boring. This movie is filled with fascinating conversations between characters and the incredible audio and on-screen special effects. Whether Neville is shooting the windows out of buildings, or fighting off the diseased creatures, the audience is kept at the edge of their seats during the entire movie. Will Smith’s portrayal of Neville Grace 2

is truly amazing. He is still the humorous man that everyone knows him to be but he is also the tough, manly fighter that his character is depicted to be. He is also very believable as an intelligent...
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