I Am Heroic

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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I am Heroic
Inside a hero’s mind

Knowledge, it takes. My knowledge, that’s what reminds me how to be great. Skill, it takes. My skill, that’s what guides me through my great acts. Effort, it takes. It was effort that pushed me to gain my knowledge, effort that taught me my skill, effort that made me a hero. A hero, it takes. Lives are saved, because I’m a hero. Because a doctor, I am.

My attention strictly focused on one sole goal, only to abstain from, once achieved. I frantically work with such precision that one wrong move in only one single second could change everything. The pressure I face every minute of my life is unbearable to those who are unlike me. Compare to me, no one can. The standards I exceed, the records I break, the history I make, the greatness I achieve all form a colossal mountain of magnificence. An understatement, which that may be.

The blood, so red and glossy, as it overwhelms a wound, excites me knowing I have the thrilling privilege of fixing the leak. The moment a problem occurs, to me they go. A problem solver, I am. Give me a malady and I will solve it, I will fix it, and I will save a life. What some may find tragic, a challenge, I find it. The repulse I endure, the pain I watch, the suffering I see, it’s all worth it in the end. At the end of the day it’s not the fame I live for, or the glory I stand for, the honor I gain, or the wisdom I obtain, it’s the life that gets to live. The life that gets to live is all because of me. A miracle, they call it. Daily life, to me it is. I live it.