I Admire (the Railway Children)

Topics: E. Nesbit, The Railway Children, Rail transport in fiction Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The   Character
I admire
( The Railway Children )

Peter .
Based on 'The Railway Children' by Edith Nesbit, the character I admire is Peter. Peter is only 10 years but he has many positive qualities. We see these qualities in what he says and does.      Peter clever and quick to stop the 11.29 train from crashing into a landslide. He cuts his sisters’ red petticoats into six pieces. Then, he and his sisters make six flags with them and some sticks. They wave the flags and stop the train. They save the train and its passengers.      Peter also observant and confident that many people in the village will give Perks presents because he is nice to everybody. He plans to give Perks, the porter at the station, a nice birthday. He has a clever idea to collect presents from the villagers for Perks. The children collect the present and give them to Perks. Because of Peter’s kindness and clever idea, Perks has the best birthday and the best birthday presents in his life. He is very happy.      I admire Peter because he is alert and brave too. For examples, during a paper-chase, Jim, the old gentleman’s grandson does not come out of the tunnel for a long time. Peter says that Jim is in danger and goes into the dark and dangerous tunnel to look for him with his sisters.      Peter is also like a scout. He has things like a candle, penknife and matches with him. They are useful in the tunnel. The children find Jim beside the railway lines. He has broken his leg. Bobbie cuts his boot with the penknife. Then Peter and Phyllis get some farm workers to carry Jim to their house.      One more reason I admire Peter is because he is brave to steal coal to keep the family warm. When Station Master catches Peter, he tells him that his sisters do not know anything about the coal to save them. He is mature and protective of them. He does not want them to get into trouble. He wants to be responsible for his action himself.
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