I'M Worried About My Grades

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“I’m Worried About My Grade”

“I’m worried about my grade”, is a you tube video that I had to watch. Its about a conversation between a teacher and a lazy student , that thinks his teacher owes him another chance to better his grade. The sad thing about this that it’s the end of the semester and there’s nothing he can do make up his work. But this student keeps pushing the issue of extra credit and make up work thinking it would do him some good.

When watching this video the first thing that came to mind was procrastination and lack of motivation. Why enroll yourself in a class and not put in any effort into maintaining an good grade that would benefit you the end . And why wait so long to try to prove that you can do the work when its beyond to late. I believe that this student didn’t care about starting a class and finishing it.

This video makes you think, “how many people do this while in school?” and “why?” The student reasoning and logic didn’t add up at no point in his conversation with teacher. And the teacher tried his best to get this student to understand that , if he would had came to class, did the work , and asked for help when he needed it he wouldn’t be in his current situation .

It came to a point in the conversation when the student threaten to give the teacher a bad review on this the grade your teacher site. I feel like there was no reason for that. I mean you giving a bad review to someone that was trying to help before you got to this failing point . In the end there’s no one to blame for the students lack of motivation and his procrastination .

I feel like in order to do well in school and in life , take responsibility for what you do in this world because no owes you anything . You have to work hard to get what’s best out of life
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