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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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1. Read Niccolo Ammaniti's epigraph by Jack London. Why has Ammaniti chosen to begin his novel with his novel with this quote? How does it illuminate what happens in the story? What is the literal and symbolic meaning in the novel about "falling into darkness"? 

Niccolo Ammaniti had chosen to start his novel with an epigraph by Jack London, this foreshadows that we're going to read about a journey of discovering real evil and the loss of innocence. "He had fallen into darkness" the literal meaning of this part is Michele had fallen into a hole which is dark . The symbolic meaning is, he had stumbled into evil.

2. The novel opens with the scene in which Michele must choose between winning a race and helping his sister Maria. what conflicts and choices does this moment foreshadow? What is revealed about Michele's character?

The novel opens with the scene in which Michele contemplates between winning a race or helping his sister Maria. Michele choices to help his sister, this moment foreshadows the choices Michele must face. When Michele is confronted with Barbara pulling down her pants as a forfeit. Only Michele stands up for Barbara and tells Skull its not right. "Wait! I came last: I heard my voice saying". This reveals to the reader that Michele is brave, compassionate  and has self-respect. Michele is also very caring and protective of his sister " I didn't like my sister being there".

3. How does Ammaniti create and capture the atmosphere of childhood in his novel? What aspects of Michele's way of seeing himself and the world indictate that he is a child? 

Ammaniti shows childhood through the eyes of Michele this is evident with the children's gang's mischievous and  forfeits; this shows their concern and their innocence's "Maria, you've made me lose the race!" the naive theories of the boy in the hole "Maybe the boy in the hole was my brother.... my sister and me". Also the belief of 'Monsters' 'Ogres' and 'Witches' show us he is a young...
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