I'M Not Scared Essay

Topics: Family, Morality, Italian masculine given names Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Southern Italy in 1978, in the novel I’m Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti. Pino Amitrano is portrayed as the villain who committed a crime and betrayed his son by not telling him that he kidnapped Filippo in the first place. Pino was a man who loved his family heartedly, yet somehow he was overcome by greed and fear which prompted him to do terrible and unforgettable things which made him evil. Thorough the novel it was enabling Pino to commit an evil sin of kidnapping Filippo and later attempting to kill him. At the beginning, Pino was strong man who cared deeply for his family but this was later proven otherwise as the novel progressed then he suddenly he changed. He was shown to have high family values as he treasures very caring, would do anything for his family. His loving side was shown through acts of giving and humour as he bought gifts for his children and joked with his family. He bought Marie a new pair of glasses and a gondola for Michele. Later Michele found something very odd, he found a boy in a hole named Filippo and he decides to be loyal and tries to tell his father about Filippo but doesn't have a chance because Pino is always going to places. Pino announces that Sergio will stay over for a few days. Little does Michele know that his dad and his friends are involved in the kidnapping. Michele was shattered by the knowledge of his father’s involvement in the kidnapping of Filippo. Michele learns more about Filippo, the kidnapped son of the Lombard a business man. Michele’s discovery of the boy in hole and what to do is the most serve test of his moral character. The principle questions are; will Michele do anything to help the boy? Or just pretend he never found him? Even when Michele knows he is right to be afraid, he is compelled to act by his sense of moral obligation. He knows he must go to see Filippo after he hears Filippo’s mother’s declaration of love on the television, even though he was scared if something might happen to himself. His...
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