I'M Not Scared Character Descriptions

Topics: Empathy, Evidence, The Conclusion Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: September 16, 2012
I’m Not Scared Major Character Descriptions
1. Michele Amitrano- Michele's compassion is his most projecting characteristic that makes him appealing to the reader. Throughout the novel, he exhibits empathy well beyond his years, often making readers forget that he is just nine. This can be seen clearly in three main instances. First, when he goes after his sister when she has fallen over (pg. 4) despite his own fears. Secondly, offering to complete the forfeit in place of Barbra when Skull forces her to complete an embarrassing forfeit. Finally, and most evidently, when he takes care of Filippo. This makes for a positive contrast with the rest of Acqua Traverse who seem to lack any compassion. When describing places and characters he reveals his unique way of viewing things that demonstrates his childlike imagination and innocence. He often combines reality and fantasy, such as when describing the ‘Wicked Witch' (pg. 89) to Maria. Michele is a hero in many ways. He exhibits all the characteristics and actions of someone who would certainly be considered a hero. He is compassionate for those who are weaker and more vulnerable, and helps them in spite of his fears for his own safety. His actions in the case of Filippo set his apart from others, as a hero. Michele defies his parent's wishes and, with the knowledge he would be in trouble, he returns to Filippo to honour his promise. However, it is his actions in the end of the text that define him as a hero. When saving Filippo from the hole, and taking his place he is risking his life and is He is a hero to Maria, who he protects from all the problems and conflicts in the Amitrano family. Towards the end of the text, Michele's happiness is evident. When he finds Filippo alive, he is overwhelmed and bursts out in tears (pg. 208). He seems to have achieved what he wanted all along, to free Filippo 2. Pino Amitrano- It becomes evident that he justifies his actions to himself by making himself believe they are...
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