I'M Not Scared

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  • Published : October 16, 2006
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As I look back on my years growing up in Acqua Traverse there is one period that stands out above all others: when I was an accomplice in the kidnapping of Filippo Carducci. Filippo was the son of the wealthy Lombard business man Giovanni Carducci and a steep ransom was demanded in exchange for his life.

It all started when that stupid roman Sergio Materia came to Acqua Traverse. I was twenty at the time and felt caged in such a small, rural village. Sergio offered the inhabitants a chance to make a large sum of money, of which everyone was in need. Our better judgment was overpowered by our hunger for money. Kidnapping a vulnerable young rich boy didn't seem too difficult at the time so we agreed. Nearly everyone in the town was in on the ploy.

There were six kids in Acqua Traverse, including my brother Antonio. Like me, Antonio was feared by the other kids. I would hit them, puncture their footballs and steal things from them just for the sake of it. I see now how cruel I was to but at the time I didn't think of my actions as bullying. The abuse I showed those children was an outlet for my anger and frustration as they were the only people in the village over whom I could exert any form of power. They viewed me as a powerful macho man which was the image I tried so hard to portray.

My daily attire reflected nothing of the times. I wore a combat jacket and camouflaged trousers. I always had a signature bandanna tied round my neck and I shaved meticulously. Thinking about it now I wonder how anyone could have ever taken me seriously. I imagine I resembled a baby with my shaved head and pointy little teeth. I did have one positive attribute, however, and that was my body. I was constantly doing press-ups and had the muscles to show for it.

My prized possession was my little 127. If it weren't for that car I think I would have gone mad. I knew all about cars as my father had once been a mechanic. He resented, however, that I spent hours taking my car...
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