Topics: Want, Carly Simon Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The rays of sunlight reflected an incandescent glow off the white pillars of the hospital.As I entered the hospital,I saw the ailing patients entering their wards with utter misery and despair,while some left their wards with a sense of new found happiness,ready to start a new chapter in their lives."Do I seriously have to write an article based on the patients here?",I said to my boss on the phone as I sighed."Look,unless you want to get that paycheck,you better write an article based on the patients that will inspire people!Our readers want inspiration and motivation so we are going to give it to them!",my boss said angrily as he hung up."Hello? Hello?",I said,hoping to get an answer even though I knew very well that was false hope.I then started walking deeper into the hospital with a dreadful sigh."Well,let's make the best out of it..",I said in my heart. I walked pass the wards,trying to find someone or something worth writing.No matter how much I dreaded the hospital,I still needed to put bread on the table.In one of those wards,there was a particular patient,a wrinkled old woman dying of cancer.She gazed blankly at the empty glasses on the table beside the bed in which she was lying.I entered her ward unconsciously.There was just something about her that dragged me into the ward."Do you know how many glasses I drank?I lost count of the number of glasses of water I drank this morning as no matter how many glasses I gulped,the water did not quench my thirst at all.",she mentioned all of a sudden. "Umm..Why are you telling me this all of sudden?",I asked as I felt uncomfortable.But the woman just ignored me and went on,"There was this girl named Liana.She was a real beauty.She was extremely intelligent and full of confidence.She knew that in this kind of world,status means everything and wanted to be at the top of the social ladder more than anything else.She was driven by that one dream of hers and eventually became one of the most elite female...
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