H&R Strategic Plan

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Branch HR Strategic Plan
June 1, 2010

Massachusetts Executive Branch HR Strategic Plan: Table of Contents

1.Executive Summary- 3 -

1.1 Introduction- 3 -
1.2 Case for Change- 3 -
1.3 Overview of the HR Strategic Plan- 4 -
1.4 Benefits of MassHR and Indicators of Success- 5 -
1.5 High Level Sequencing Plan- 6 -
1.6 Recommended Next Steps- 7 -

2.Background and Case for Change- 8 -

2.1 Background to MassHR- 8 -
2.2 Strengths- 10 -
2.3 Challenges- 10 -
2.4 Why Change Now?- 14 -

3.MassHR Vision Framework- 15 -

3.1 Where We Are Heading- 16 -
3.2 How We Will Get There – Strategic Initiatives- 17 - 3.3 How We Will Get There - Supporting Initiatives- 35 -

4.Shared Service Pilot Design- 43 -

4.1 Description of Recommended Learning Shared Service Pilot- 43 - 4.2 Proposed Learning Governance Structure, Responsibilities and Processes- 46 - 4.2 Proposed Implementation Plan- 47 -

5.Change Management Strategy- 49 -

5.1 Change Management Barriers- 50 -
5.2 Recommended Strategies- 52 -
5.3 Proposed Implementation Plan- 57 -

6.MassHR Roadmap- 59 -

7.Appendix- 63 -

7.1 Approach- 63 -
7.2 Participants List- 63 -
7.3 Interview Summary & Key Themes (strengths and needs)- 70 - 7.4 Workshop Presentations & Pre-Reads- 71 -
7.5 Focus Group Materials- 72 -
7.6 Relevant Best Practices for Consideration- 72 -
7.7 Communication Strategy- 75 -
7.8 Shared Service Leading Practice- 75 -
7.7.1 Example Service Level Agreement for Shared Services- 75 - 7.9 Roles and Responsibilities- 75 -

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

Over the last several years, the Human Resources (HR) community has undertaken extensive efforts to examine how the HR programs and delivery systems within the Executive Branch can be improved to better meet the strategic needs of the Commonwealth. This HR strategic plan builds upon these previous efforts and responds to the Governor’s Executive Order 517, charging us with creating a strategic plan to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our HR systems as part of improving the Commonwealth’s overall ability to recruit, develop, and retain the best workforce in the country.

Our continuing studies and dialogue with over 100 stakeholders[?] during this planning process have confirmed what our HR professionals know all too well – that we operate in a complex environment characterized by a network of multiple HR units rather than one unified structure. This environment is challenged by a number of related factors including:

• Historical under-investment in HR technology,

• Heavy reliance on manual transactions,

• Disparity in HR resource levels and expertise across the agencies,

• Lack of consistent HR processes and information,

• Inefficient service delivery and insufficient investment in strategic HR processes (such as workforce planning, training, recruiting, and performance enhancement programs)

We have the opportunity to tackle these challenges and must act now to take advantage of the commitment for increased investment in HR technology to transform how we operate. This strategic plan describes our vision for making Massachusetts the best public sector employer in the country through effective HR programs, services and technologies that build a talented, diverse, engaged and productive workforce. The plan identifies the initiatives for achieving this vision and recommends the roadmap for delivering outcomes rapidly and sustainably.

1.2 Case for Change

Over the last 10 years, budget cuts have deepened the mission delivery challenge for Commonwealth agencies and, by extension, the HR community. In an environment of constrained resources, the current HR model and support systems must be changed in order to meet the critical needs of our...
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