H.P. Lovecraft Essay

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Cosmicism in H.P. Lovecraft
Cosmicism is a literary and philosophical term that was created and used by author, H.P. Lovecraft in many of his weird and odd fiction novels. The philosophy of cosmicism defines that there is no recognizable presence in our world, such as a God or other spirit leaders, and humans are completely insignificant in the larger scheme of life. Lovecraft as a writer, focused of philosophically intense horror and gothic tales that continue to involve strange phenomena, such as astral possession and alien abduction; these re-occurring themes of his fiction contributed to the development of this unique philosophy overtime. One of Lovecraft’s more famous tales, “The Colour out of Space” expresses a world wind of cosmicism themes. In this tale, Lovecraft presents his audience with a large amount of weirdness to a downed meteorite that at first meets the eye. This tale soon begins to become a tale of inexorable doom that is being visited on a local farmer and his family, with small hints of things that are becoming wrong. Lovecraft adheres to his definition of cosmicism in this text, because he speaks about unexplained lights and trees moving when they should not be, also about an unexplained gradual descent into insanity for an innocent farm family. H.P. only leaves his audience with the knowledge that we as humans are less than a thought to other life forms of the universe that watch over and pass our planet Earth. Both, “Rats in the Walls” and “The Colour out of Space” present multiple examples of human beings being rated second to other “beings” or “creatures” outside of our world, and even outside of our universe. These two works also show that there author; H.P. Lovecraft borrowed some literary elements from Blackwood, with examples from the atmosphere, suspense, and fear, or just the idea of the unknown in general. Blackwood and Lovecraft as authors, both broke barriers and went against what was considered a contemporary style, and...
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